International orders

Dear Bemoua fans from all over the world,
We are very happy that you are visiting our online shop! Of course, we are also very happy to take your orders and ensure smooth delivery to your home countries. Just write us a short email.
All love, Susan
  • Our loyal customers are absolutely amazed by the versatility of our bags, which can be enlarged/expanded into unbelievably feather-light mega-space wonders.
  • Our devoted fans love the revolutionary design of our bags, making it easy to find even the smallest of essentials at a glance.
  • Our fashion experts swear by the unsurpassed versatility of our bags, which adapt very easily to their active lifestyle.
Bemouas Travel Bag 3 verschiedene Größen
Excuse me? You think these bags are just for girls?
Hello boys! Calling all my modern male customers who appreciate our Bemoua bags because of its practical and functional design. It is the ideal travel and leisure companion when it comes to traveling light and still not having to do without anything. Bemoua has been in the mountains, on snow tours, on "boys trips" and on sailing trips. Bemoua is not afraid of adventure and in fact has a head for heights and is seaworthy - WOW Bemoua!
Do you want to know her real secret?
Bemoua is a featherweight miracle of space. Its secret: with its dimensions of 33 cm x 24 cm, it can be easily stowed in your hand luggage, suitcase, travel bag or backpack. When empty, it is as flat as a board and still has the capacity of a much larger bag. So that you can see everything, even the smallest little things, when you open your Bemoua, it has its easy-to-guide zip right in its golden center.
Do you also feel the high quality?
When you can finally hold your Bemoua in your hands, you will feel that it is made of exquisite cotton canvas fabrics. Its interior has been specially selected so that it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.
Is a German made quality product still important to you?
Your Bemoua is tailored in Germany by people who have fun and enjoy making a high-quality product from a "piece of fabric". Many thanks for your great work!
What is the connection between my sister Katti and the zipper on our Bemoua?
Your Bemoua comes with a trailer, which makes it easier for you to guide the high-quality zipper. Handmade by my sister Katti. Thank you very much for your support!